Speer Table

The Speer Table is a Brueton classic, fabricated entirely in stainless steel. The combination of stainless steel with a circular spun-brushed stainless steel top surface is uniquely and exquisitely accomplished. 3/8” clear glass top inset or lay-on flush. The Speer Table is great for dining, conferences or occasional tables.
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Height: 16"
Diameter: 36"

Height: 16" or 29"
Diameter: 42"

Height: 16" or 29"
Diameter: 48"

Height: 29"
Diameter: 54"

Height: 29"
Diameter: 60"

Base: Round stainless steel pedestal table base, welded, ground and polished into a seamless unit. Factory weighted.
Top: 1/2" x 1 1/2" tubular stainless steel apron surrounding a circular grain stainless steel spinning and 3/8" clear glass top inset or lay-on flush.
Materials & Finishes
Base & Apron: Available in polished or satin stainless steel, opaque color or acid washed gray
Top: 3/8" clear glass either inset or lay-on flush.
Spinning: Available in satin stainless steel. Also available with orbital grain satin stainless steel on quotation.
Options: Available in all Brueton stones or woods on quotation.
Custom sizes on quotation.