Pinnacle Table
designed by J. Wade Beam

Daring and sophisticated, this award-winning table reaches the heights of minimalist expression. A visually solid conical metal form is bisected by a translucent semicircle of glass to form an innovative and contrasting base upon which a glass top appears to be in perfect balance. The Pinnacle Table is available in different sizes.
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Height: 29"
Width: 42"
Length: 84"

Height: 29"
Width: 48"
Length: 96"

Base: A formed stainless steel conical center shape is intersected by a perpendicular 3/4" clear glass semicircular plane, with 1" bevel along each side of its circumference.
Top: Lay-on overhang 3/4" glass with 1" bevel.
Materials & Finishes
Base: Available in polished or satin stainless steel.
Glass Base & Top: Available in 3/4" clear glass only.
Options: Custom sizes and configurations on quotation.