Bearing Console
designed by J. Wade Beam

The unique structural and visual balance of the Bearing Console underscores the subtle tension between classical forms and contemporary materials. The unlikely interplay of the the curvilinear supports and the spherical transfer points, with the planar quality of the top and base, create an elegantly mysterious design.
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Height: 30"
Width: 18"
Length: 72"

Height: 30"
Width: 18"
Length: 84"

Base: 2 1/2" thick stone lower base capped and supported, at each end, by rolling stainless steel forms, completed by 3 1/2” diameter spherical closures. Intermediate base comprised of two, opposing stainless steel semicircular ribbons linked by two stainless steel spheres, featuring an inset, 1/2" thick glass circle, traced by a continuous two sided bevel.
Top: Cantilevered 2 1/2" thick wood top, capped at each end by rolling stainless steel forms completed by 3 1/2" diameter spherical closures.
Materials & Finishes
Base & Top Caps, Ribbons & Spheres: Available in polished or satin stainless steel.
Stone Base: Available in all Brueton stones.
Wood Top: Available in all Brueton woods . Optional 1/2" bronze or gray glass as well as colored laminated glass on quotation.