Pyramid Table
designed by Stanley Jay Friedman

A celebration of the beauty of natural stone defines the Pyramid Table. The expansive top, with 1-1/2" thick built up undercut bevel edge and the 12" high pyramidal stone base display the richness of the natural material. The two are joined by the 1" thick stainless steel cross shaped stem.
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Height: 29"
Width: 54"
Length: 54"

Height: 29"
Width: 42"
Length: 84"

Height: 29"
Width: 48"
Length: 96"

Base: 12" high stone pyramidal base with 1" thick stainless steel cross-shaped monolithic stem.
Top: Mounted lay-on overhang top in stone with 1 1/2" built-up undercut bevel edge.
Materials & Finishes
Cross-shaped Stem: Available in polished or satin stainless steel.
Stone Base and Top: Available in all Brueton stones.