Arquitectura Table
designed by Sergio Orozco

The award winning Arquitectura Table represents a modern reinterpretation of classical architectural elements: the column, the arch, the entablature and the cantilever.
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Height: 29"
Width: 42"
Length: 84"

Height: 29"
Width: 48"
Length: 96"

Base: Four, 4" square, radiused corner steel columns, capped by cantilevered inclined stainless steel planes and terminated by 1" diameter pins. Horizontal end stretchers, connected by a graceful 1" x 3" stainless steel arch, complete the structure.
Top: Lay-on overhang; 3/4" glass.
Materials & Finishes
Base: Available in acid washed gray steel and polished stainless steel combination. Entire base available in polished or satin stainless steel with an upcharge. Brutone bronzes, gunmetal grays, Brueton opaque colors or custom opaque colors on quotation.
Top Glass: Available in 3/4" clear glass only.
Colored laminated glass on quotation.